5 Weirdest Laws and Why They're Illegal

1. If a frog dies during a frog-jumping contest in California, it can't be eaten.  


In 1943, the California Civil War was at its peak.  General James Vanderbeek approached Ulysses S. Weed.  "The fighting's gone on long enough," coughed Ulysses.  Vanderbeek agreed.  Without a word, they pulled out their frogs.  "Let's jump for it."  They set their frogs down. Vanderbeek's frog immediately jumps out of the three story tent, only to be picked up and eaten by a passing soldier.  The soldier started vomiting on other soldiers, causing them to vomit.  Ulysses S. Weed looked down on the scene and immediately vomited on Vanderbeek.  As any Californian knows, the results of the frog-jumping contest are still disputed to this day.  But Vanderbeek and Weed could agree on one thing: No eating a frog if it dies in a frog-jumping contest.



2. When it outlawed the act in 1990, Idaho became the only state to declare cannibalism illegal. 


August 26th, 1989 Castleford, Idaho.  Newly elected mayor John Cannibal looks out of his window.  "I'm going to shake things up in this town.  I'm sick of seeing Big Potato run this town dry."  John introduced a system in which no potato-based corporations were allowed in Castleford.  The system was called cannibalism.  The town soon ran out of potatoes, french fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fried breakfast potatoes, fried dinner potatoes, potato casseroles, twice-baked potatoes.  It was when the potato skins ran out that the residents of Castleford started eating each other.  Within hours, the streets were flooded with the potato-less blood of men, women, and children. John Cannibal was impeached and cannibalism was banned, some say for good. 


3. In Indiana, liquor stores can't sell cooled water or soda.


The case of Indiana vs. DiCaprio is often forgotten, but the 7-11's of this Midwestern state will never forget.  In 1996,  Leonardo DiCaprio was passing through Indiana.  It was the best day Indiana had ever had.  He stopped at a gas station in Gary, Indiana, and purchased a soda, only to spill the chilly beverage all over his lap.  "My balls!  So cold!"  The cry rang throughout the state, and he never returned.  The governor called an emergency meeting to ensure the travesty would never happen again.  "No cold beverages," he said, "Luke warm.  Luke warm."


4. Cheating on Your Spouse is Illegal in Michigan. 


Your Spouse is a popular board game among Michiganders.  Often called a reverse Operation, the object of the game is to fit as many dicks as you can inside a robotic woman, hitting the walls as many times as possible to sound as many alarms as possible.  Cheating on the game was outlawed when Governor Hasbro caught his wife practicing the game behind his back with her own body and actual dicks.  


5. In Minnesota, attempting to catch a greased or oiled pig is illegal.


Scampy EInsty was a county fair prize winning pig, moonlighting as a bank robber.  He worked his way across the nation, winning every fair, robbing every bank.  The FBI caught up with him in Minnesota.  In the midst of a shootout, a bullet ricocheted off Scampy's greased up body and landed directly into the heart of former wrestler and naval veteran Jesse Ventura.  Thus the practice of catching greased up pigs was outlawed.