All Florida's Headlines Are Just One Party

Hey welcome to south Florida where it's summertime all the time. This is MTV's Savage Henry Party Tour, I'll be your host Summertime Jones and were on the beach for summer break which is like spring break without the cowards. We're going on two months of this three month party and things are getting CCCCRRRAAAAAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got everything you'd expect of a two month south Florida party. If we head over to the bar you can see some of the classics like a man getting stabbed in confusion over harmonicas, herpes infected monkeys and of course a woman calling 9-1-1 because she ate too much food. That's just the start of the party! Follow me, this is the VIP area where the real magic happens. All the dopest stuff happens here we got a recently deceased man that just won a cockroach eating contest, raccoons peeing on middle school students and a woman in a potato salad rage, whatever the fuck that means. The fun doesn't stop here, let's go check out the beach! Here's where some of the wilder shit happens as you can see here we have a man trying to trade an alligator for beer. If you look down that way you can see a couple fist fighting in the middle of an orgy and even further down it looks like a wrestling tournament haunted by the ghost of Macho Man Randy Savage. Well that looks like all the time we have. Make sure to grab one of our complimentary skateboarding goats on the way out and remember "If it ain't bath salts, it ain't fun salts."