Get Rich Quick Schematic

Hey y'all, Zeke here again but you might as well call me Guy Fieri this week cause I got some hot tips. We all need more money except me (Famous Millionaire Zeke Herrera) and I (Famous Millionaire Zeke Herrera) am going to tell you how to get it. First thing you have to start doing is writing, all writers are rich and famous. "But Zeke who do I write for?" Savage Henry Magazine duh. Savage Henry pays several dollars per article so you only need a couple hundred thousand articles before you're a millionaire. Now you're going to have to create a couple writing aliases to avoid paying taxes on your millions. Some of my personal favorite aliases are Dean Koontz and Chris Durant. Next thing you need to start doing is selling your Yu Gi Oh cards. I know the value is only increasing but that market is going to drop soon. This goes for all trading cards (Magic, Pokemon, Congressional etc.) the markets about to tank, get out now. The third step you need to take, be hella cool. If you're cool people will just give you money. People like cool people and want them to be rich. "But Zeke, idk how to be cool?" QUIT INTERRUPTING ME! Obviously I'm going to tell you. Get good at Hackey Sack, Hackey Sack is fun and you can play it with a bunch of cool people like you. Next, get a sign and tell people how you need to help your family. Having a family is cool and helping them out is even cooler. Make the sign out of cardboard or whatever not caring about the material is the coolest. Finally, get dreads all the coolest people in history have dreads (, Predator, Whoopi Goldberg etc.). That's it! You should be rich and cool now so have fun when you get famous, you're welcome. Send me a post card filled with drugs!