Incest is Really Just Narcissism if You're Identical Twins

"Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me." I've heard this quote from Silence of the Lambs every year of my life since that movie came out and it came out in 1991. Just for reference in 1991 the Cold War was still happening, the first President Bush was in office and OJ Simpson hadn't even did the thing he's most notorious for (Naked Gun 3 1/33). My point it is I've heard it a lot and for good reason. It's a good quote, because it brings out a core human emotion; wanting to have sex with yourself. Maybe they didn't cover this on Inside Out but every person wants to fuck themselves to some degree. All I'm trying to say is maybe we should take it a little bit easier on people that commit incest when they're identical twins. Think about if a clone of you showed up at your door, you probably would reasonably have some questions. You might not have sex immediately but you would probably hangout and like anytime you hangout with someone you're going to get bored especially with someone who has all the same viewpoints as you. You might not have high self esteem all the time but we've all gotten a big head before and through this combination of boredom and arrogance you'll at some point look at your clone and what what it's like to slam ham with yourself. Now why is it so much worse if you have those thoughts occasionally through the course of a lifetime including puberty and act on them on someone that came out of the same vagina as you. Now at this point you might be thinking "but Zeke don't you have an identical yet somehow more attractive twin" and I think that's beside the point. The point is maybe just don't be so quick to judge people and if you see my brother maybe just tell'em to return my phone calls.