Knockoff 90s Toys

Pet Animal – These furry creatures were pretty cool but still a Tamagotchi ripoff. They did have a wide variety but only came in analog, not digital, and were much harder to reset after they pooped themselves to death.

Earth Boots – Clearly inferior copy of Moon Boots. These boots simulated what it was like to be poor on Earth.

Snap Necklace – A Snap Bracelet rip off that didn’t quite get the kinks worked out. It required help from a partner and often had trouble snapping.

Regular Babies – Not really anything like Beanie Babies but obviously trying to bank off their market. Though, just like Beanie Babies, anybody that purposefully has more than two is a weirdo.

Drive It! – One of the few items on the list better than its predecessor. It improved almost everything adding pedals and multiplayer, and had the added benefit of transporting you from place to place.

Bullet Guns – It’s hard to tell if these were ripping off Nerf Guns or Squirt Guns but they’re definitely not as good. They were just too heavy and my friends never wanted to play with me; definitely not something to leave around your Regular Baby.

Difficult Bake Oven – What’s this one even for? Who needs an Easy Bake Oven that’s harder to use? Nerds, that’s who.

View-Amateur – A View-Master, but for just viewing real life, I guess for people that are bad at it, apparently.