Movies That Take Place In A Future In The Past

Movies that take place in the future aren’t always 100% accurate. In the movie 2012 John Cusack is still moderately successful so obviously that movie didn’t really happen, but in 2001: A Space Odyssey they had Velcro shoes and Stanley Kubrick is nowhere to be found, so it’s not entirely false.  Here’s the differences between the movies and what happened.

The Last Man On Earth (1924)

Takes Place In 1960
What happened in the movie:

  • A plague known as masculitis kills every reproductive capable man

  • Women take over the world

  • A woman becomes president

  • A man is sold to the government for $10 million

  • Congressional problems are solved with boxing

What actually happened in 1960:

  • Oprah moved to Milwaukee

  • Domino’s pizza was founded

  • Marilyn Monroe wins Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actress

  • Green Eggs And Ham is published

  • Muhammad Ali wins gold medal at Summer Olympics (not Congress affiliated)


Double Dragon (1994)
Takes place in 2007

What happened in the movie:

  • A crime lord looks for magic medallions

  • A giant earthquake hits LA

  • LAPD has a truce with gangs

  • All cars are equipped with radar and a rocket engine

  • A man is turned into a gross version of the hulk

What actually happened in 2007:

  • France breaks the world record for Fastest Conventional Train

  • A 5.6 earthquake hits San Jose

  • Rioting hockey fans take out LAPD drone

  • The first iPhone goes on sale

  • Bob Barker is on his last episode of The Price is Right


I Am Legend (2007)
Takes place in 2012

What happened in the movie:

  • Measles wipe out humanity

  • People become vampires

  • Will Smith talks to mannequins and kills his dog

  • All the animals from the NYC Zoo escape

  • The cure for the cure for cancer is found

What actually happened in 2012:

  • Birth Control made free by health care reform

  • Man breaks sound barrier in free fall from edge of space

  • Men in Black 3 hits theatres

  • Man jumps in tiger habitat at Bronx Zoo

  • Gangnam Style get 1 billion views on Youtube


Death Race 2000 (1975)
Takes place in 2000

What happened in the movie:

  • A murder race is formed to make Americans happy

  • France ruins Americas economy

  • Hand grenades are hand shaped

  • A small group tries to take over the government

  • Frankenstein becomes president

What actually happened in 2000:

  • Slamball is invented

  • McDonald’s introduces the McSalad Shaker

  • Person robs CVS with a hand grenade

  • Harrison Ford and Julia Roberts win a People’s Choice Award

  • George W. Bush is elected president