Rock Bottom is Limitless Potential

For those of you that don't know I'm a stand up comic that live in Denver. I don't want to mislead you, this article probably won't be very funny. The reason I bring it up is because comedy is like a job like any other job, there are hierarchies and pointless drama. A majority of the drama comes from people just not being where they would like to be in life. Some are more comedy specific. These complaints are often met with accusations sexism and racism. Which are most likely not true, I think comedy (at least in Denver) tries to lean towards diversity as best it can. Most shows try to include a minority and a woman and some are even required to. Another new comic recently stated that he felt very sexually frustrated and if he kept going down his current path he would end his life. After his friends tried to help him, he was outraged that no woman would have sex with him even after he threatened his own life. Which is crazy for a countless reasons. Other comics will just go with a more general "Everybody's against me!" which is a feeling I'm very familiar with, although I'm not quite sure I understand the tactic. How does informing people that they're against you help with that? If you're right they already know and if you're wrong you eventually alienate them. My point is complaining won't get you your desired result. If you feel like you're at the very bottom, you can do anything you want to fix your situation. Somebody isn't letting you into their shit? Make your own and don't let them in. Nobody's fucking you? Put up flyers on telephone poles with your picture that say "Would you fuck me?" and some tabs with your number at the bottom , rip a couple off so it looks like someone would. Everyone hates you? Good, you've just gotten rid of all the pressure of doing well. You're free to speak your mind.If you're new nobody will remember all the dumb weird shit you did starting off. I understand the want to be included but if you're new, just take your lumps, respect comes with time and work. Mistakes are forgotten. Life is often unfair but patience, hard work and adaptability will almost always be rewarded.