Sex Talk with Zeke

Sex Talk is an article where you write in and I answer all your pervy questions. Today's topic is fantasy.



Stephanie M. from Pasadena, CA writes: Hey Zeke, I was just thinking. You know what would be really cool? If a guy had a dick like a pitchfork. You know like it started as one dick but then turned into four dicks. My question is do you think that guy exists? and if he does do you think he'd want to do it with me? I'm single and I got a garden and I work for Cal Trans.


Hey Stephanie, ya know I don't think anybody has a dick like that. If they did that would be crazy. I say they because I don't want to assume gender identity even though they have four dicks. If that person did exist though I'm sure they would love to slam their weird pitchfork dick into your probably regular vagina. Anyways good luck with that and thanks for writing in.



Carlos W. from Casper, WY writes: Hi Zeke, I'm really into girls wearing rain coats. It makes me want to see girls boobs but then when they take the rain coat off so I can see their boobs I kind of just wish they had the rain coat on still and lose my boner. How do you think I can fix this?


Well Carlos, it seems you're in a bit of a pickle. Maybe if you cut out holes in the rain where the boobs are so you can see the boobs. Maybe if you're worried about ruining rain coats you could get some latex paint or something and just paint a rain coat on to a woman's naked body. Anyway this is a pretty weird question just get a new fetish maybe but thanks for writing in.



Denise K. from Minneapolis, MN writes: Hey there Zeke, I don't have any genitals, mouth or a butthole and I hate giving handjobs. I've always wanted to have sex with somebody with genitals is there a way I can make this happen? 


Hey Denise, um I'm starting to think maybe people are screwing with me on here but I'd be happy to answer your question. No. I mean maybe but it's probably not going to be fun for you. The main reason people have sex with people with genitals is because they also have genitals and they are hoping to get so action on their own genitals. You can probably figure something out people have been slamming their junk into things that don't have genitals since the beginning of time. Thanks for writing in.



Jonathon T. from Pittsburgh, PA writes: Hey Zeke, my fantasy is to have sex with somebody I'm attracted to until I'm finished. Do you think if I tell this to the people I'm attracted to they'll think I'm a weird dirty perv?


Jonathon, personally I think you're just screwing with me and if you could not do that that would be great. This is literally everybody's fantasy but I am obligated to answer all questions so. They'll for sure think you're weird but probably not a perv depending on how and when you ask them. Please from now on though only send in real questions.


If anybody has any REAL questions for Zeke you can reach him at or mail him a letter at 3305 Cook St Suite A Denver, CO 80205