Shitty Movies Are Not Feminism

Whenever a movie comes out people are given money to make people believe they'll like it. In order to make people believe they'll like some thing it needs and angle, they need to tell you what emotions you'll feel during the movie. Now originally these started off very simple (happy, curious, scared) but more recently we've gotten rid of the movie trailer narrator leaving Pablo Francisco out of a job and allowing movie advertisement to become more complex and nuanced. The author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell was given a movie deal a while back. You probably never heard of the movie if you just love movies. If you've heard of it it's probably because of outrage groups on the internet because the entire marketing strategy was to create fake outrage in order to generate real outrage. The purpose of this is to get scumbags that complain about snowflakes and participation trophies to go see it. I don't really care about this but my point is this type of viral marketing is reserved for bad movies or movies that the people who made them think are going to be bad. Hollywood recently realized that this tactic can be used towards people with good intentions as well or more specifically feminists. I don't know where it started but it certainly picked up with the Ghostbusters reboot. After the Ghostbusters trailer dropped on YouTube some people made some shitty comments about women. The marketing company made it known that these comments were being made and tried to act like the people making these comments were the embodiment of the patriarchy. I'm not here to say women aren't being oppressed or anything like that, I'm just saying type any word into YouTube and watch the video with the most views. Guaranteed you find people saying horrible shit and you wouldn't exactly be hard pressed to find people against movie reboots. Wonder Woman was a great movie but I don't think anybody was expecting it to be good as it was, it almost wasn't advertised at all to women and instead gearing towards children. Once it got close to the release the studio realized it's potential for capitalization on feminism was realized and they started marketing as hard as they could. I sure these aren't the first action movies to get marketed this way but when Kill Bill, Alien, and Underworld came out I feel like the only marketing I saw was pointing out how fucking cool it was going to be. The reason I'm writing this is because I recently watched Atomic Blonde and it's certainly not a bad movie nor is it a great one but it is a movie that was marketed this way. I walked into this movie thinking this was going to be the coolest movie of all times and it was good but definitely not revolutionary. It's a slippery slope, next time it might be a terrible movie. My point is when you let a product integrate with a political stand point people are going to associate those things so maybe don't stand for people trying to make money off your beliefs.