So Your Birthday Is On The Purge

Can I get some help over here?


Of course, what's the problem?


My birthday is tomorrow and I'm not sure what to do.


Oof, during the purge? That's rough.


Yeah, having no laws seems fun for your birthday but normally people don't show up.


So just stay in, buy a birthday cake and hang out.


I would but this year I joined the police force so I think some of my coworkers might show up.


Or they might be purging harder than anybody.


Some of 'em probably, but what should we do?


Well... with no rules you can pretty much do anything.


Like I could kidnap a person for us to murder together?


As cops you're probably going to be doing a lot of that together anyway. You could blow up a building?


Seems kinda hard, I don't have any jet fuel and even if I did who knows? Ya know?


Nice, you could steal a plane.


I'm not looking to go that crazy.


No, I just meant to party in not to ram into a building.


Oh yeah, that's a good idea but I'd probably need somebody that can fly a plane. Can you fly a plane?


Do you really think I'd be working the customer service desk at Safeway if I could fly a plane?


Yeah, I guess this isn't really the place for these kind of questions.


That's okay I'm happy to help.


Have a good day!


You too! I can help the next person in line!