The Delicious Ones

Brooklyn 1982


It was a time of innovation, the internet was yet to be invented. Hip-Hop was in it's hoe slappin' infancy and it would be only five more years until 1987.


Eddy Murphy: When I had first heard about pizza... I didn't believe it... Nobody believed it... I mean, what would you think if somebody came up to you and said "They got pepperoni, cheese and tomato sauce on crust now" the fuck is you talkin' about?... Right?


Michael Jordan: I remember, I was visiting New York and me and some guys were sitting on the stoop and my boy Papa John ran up and he was like "I got this new thing, you never gonna believe it" I said what is it? He said "It's called pizza" He showed it to me and that's when I knew we were goin' to the top. We headed down to his apartment and we got to cookin.


Papa John: So we're in kitchen and we're just like "How do we make this thing work?" All I had so far was dough and cheese. Ya know? If I woulda showed you this thing right now you'd laugh at it. So Mike says "What about Pepperoni?" I said "Mike you're crazy" he said "Papa you gotta trust me" and I tried it and I said "You know what? That's not bad. Baddaboom."


Michael Jordan: We knew something was missing but we did know what and back then lids weren't really popular. People had 'em but they weren't really that big.


Papa John: All of a sudden, you know it's an old Brooklyn apartment, a giant rat the size of a fuckin' dog knocks down a jar of spaghetti sauce and it lands on the pizza and I just remember thinking " We're ruined."


Larry Bird: I get a call from Michael, it's about two in the morning and I can just hear he's having a rough night, he's clearly crying. I said "What's wrong?" He said "I just ruined pizza." and I didn't know what he was talking about, I thought he was hysterical. It wasn't too far of a drive so I head down there.


Michael Jordan: I remember it was almost seven in the morning, we'd been up crying all night. Larry shows up and he brought his dog and his dog tries to eat this ruined pizza and Larry's like "Get outta here ya stupid dog, I'm gunna eat this thing." but then they both start eating it.


Larry Bird: I was hungry and it looked like food. Papa ran over and tried to tell me I could't eat it because it was ruined. I said "It taste pretty good to me, I'll eat whatever I want." Next thing I know they're eating it.


Papa John: It was so good! I head down to Gambino's on 34th and ask Fat Jimmy if I could sell it there. Next thing I know, we're blowing up.


Grandmaster Flash: I remember when pizza first came out we wanted to do everything with it, we put it on turn tables, we tried break dancing on it but we just got sauce everywhere. Some people told me they were even fuckin with it.


Madonna: I remember I was hanging out with Michael at his house and I hear a knock at the door and it's PJ and he says "I got the next big thing" he goes "We're gunna put the sauce on the underneath." and Michael says "Of the crust?" and PJ says "No, the cheese." and Michael just couldn't get on board.


Arnold Schwarzenegger: Tha negst daye Mycko fliyse back to Chickaggo beecas Papa Jahwn haad poot tha sawce unddar tha cheis.


Papa John: About ten years go by and Mike's doin' his thing in Chicago I'm doing my thing in New York. It gets a little ugly. There's a rivarly, ya know?But one day he calls me and he's crying almost as hard as the night we fucked up the pizza. I said "What's wrong Mike?" He said "My dad was murdered." I said "I'm sorry to hear that Mike but why are you calling me?" and he says "The killer left a note it said 'Sauce goes on the bottom.' I'm so sorry Papa, let's call this whole thing off." I said "You know what Mike? Fuggedaboudit."


Ludacris: September 11th 2001, two planes hit the twin towers and knock 'em down, just smashed 'em. My first thought was this is not gunna be good for pizza. The next day California Pizza Kitchen comes out and their slogan is "Never eaten by terrorists.". If I was smarter I woulda got Atlanta in the pizza game.


Michael Jordan: I call up Papa and I'm like "You see this!?" and I just hear him sigh and hang up. I show up at his house the next day and Payton Manning's there and he says PJ's been in Buffalo for a couple weeks. I fly out to Buffalo and I find him, I said "Papa we gotta do something about this. We can't just take this sitting down." He takes me to the kitchen and he says "I got something but it's a little experimental." and opens up his safe and pulls out a plate of chicken wings. I said "This is your plan!? A plate of fuckin' chicken!?" He said " I put hot sauce on 'em" and I tried 'em and they we're good. He said "Now try 'em with this?" and hands me some blue cheese dressing. I was like "PJ, you know this is for salad? I guess I mean, we've come this far though." and I try it and it's deliciious. I just thought we had to get it in front of people. Next thing I know we're in a meeting with the CEO of Tyson Chicken.


Mike Tyson: When Mike and Papa sssowed me what they had made, it blew me away. I'm sssiting here and they jussst walk in to my officcce with the bessst sssit I've ever ate in my life. I gave 'em 200 billion dollarsss right there on the ssspot.


Papa John: 200 billion! We made it, we bought out everything and that's why we're on top of the pizza game right now and it felt good. It felt like we were really walkin' here.


Michael Jordan: I couldn't believe. I already had a bunch of money from basketball, Nike, Gatorade, Space Jam and other stuff but this was pretty cool too.