The Only Thing That Can Stop A Good Guy With A Gun Is A Bad Guy With A Gun

Good Guy: I have a fund raiser to go to, I'll see you later.

Bad Guy: You're bringing your gun?


GG: Yeah, we're gun enthusiasts remember?

BG: I know but fund raisers are for chumps, don't make it better for these moochers by bringing your sweet gun.


GG: But it's put on by a charity for orphans, orphans love guns and it's not like they have parents to show them dope ass guns.

BG: Screw those orphans. Those orphans need to pick themselves up by their own boot straps and buy their own damn guns.


GG: I'm just going to pop off a couple shots to cheer them up. If there's a dog I might even shoot that to make them forget about there dead parents.

BG: Forget that man, there's a perfectly good dog here you can shoot. Orphans aren't the only people with problems, ya know?


GG: You're being selfish. After I'm done with this I'll come back and we can shoot whatever animals you want.

BG: But The Big Bang Theory's about to come on.


GG: That show sucks and it's a rerun anyway.

BG: You know it's better after the third time you watch it.


GG: I got to go, I just remembered I have a PTA meeting after the fund raiser.

BG: Oh and I suppose you're going to bring your gun there too?


GG: Yeah what if Taylor got good grades and I don't have anything there for her to shoot. I'll look like such a bad father.

BG: You're a good dad. Just let me hold the gun until you get back and take her out for ice cream or something.


GG: I bought this gun for the world to enjoy, not just for you and me. Quit being selfish.

BG: I know guns make everything better but you just got it. Just let me hang out with it 'til tomorrow.


GG: Okay, you're lucky we're friends. I'll see you later. Take good care of my gun.

BG: Bye! I will. I think we'll go see a movie.